3-4 Persons Inflatable Fishing Boat With Oars and Air Pump

3-4 Persons Inflatable Fishing Boat With Oars and Air Pump

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Enjoy a summer of fun on the water with 3-4 persons inflatable boat.

 This set includes a pair of aluminum alloy oars and high pressure air pump to inflate your boat quickly and get you on the water. Constructed mainly with rugged PVC, it's durable and puncture resistant for your long term use. Numerous attentive designs such as 2 air chambers, inflatable seats, all around safety line, and anti-collision fender, guard you to have a comfortable and safe cruise. Oar locks and holders also provided to meet your demands. Repair kit included. The boat can be deflated after using and store them in the carry bag.

Do not hesitate, just take one home!

 Perfect for rowing and fishing in lakes, rivers and small bays
2 air chambers including an auxiliary one for extra buoyancy and safety
Heavy duty PVC with puncture-proof material for long term use
Quick fill and fast deflate with high pressure air pump and spring valves
Inflatable seats for comfort and support
Oar holders and oar locks on both sides
Anti collision rubber fender lines the circumference of the hull and an all around safety line circles the upper hull
With a maximum load of 660 lbs, roomy for up to 3 adults and 1 child
Motor mounting fittings for flexibility of motor bracket and motor (Not included) installation
Assembly is a snap with inflation and installing the oars and fishing rod
Repair kit for emergency needs
Carry bag for convenient storage and transportation of the deflated boat and parts