Play set Construction and warranty

Your Gorilla playset will arrive pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-sanded and ready to assemble! We have done all of the prep-work for you to make the installation and build process much easier! Our playset assembly times are up to 70% faster than other playsets!

Everything you need to make your assembly easy, including step by step 3-D illustrated instructions, will be included. When you order your set, the hardware you need will be in the box.

Here is a list of household tools you’ll need:

  • Standard or Cordless Drill with Phillips Bit
  • 1/8”, 1/4”, and 7/16” Drill Bits
  • Extension Cord (if using standard drill)
  • 1/2” & 9/16” Wrench or Socket
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Level


    Everything you need is included in your play set kit at your time of purchase, including hardware. A manual is also included to help you during set up. We try to answer all of your questions before you even ask!

    Each swingset is pre-drilled, pre-stained and pre-sanded to eliminate any prep-work for you! All of our swingsets can be built using everyday tools! No special tools are required, since each beam is pre-drilled and the swing sets come with all hardware you will need.


    Gorilla Playsets boasts one of the best warranties for swing sets in the industry! We offer a 10 year limited warranty on wood and structure components, and 1 year warranty on all accessories.

    Each set comes with warranty details and maintenance care suggestions to increase the longevity of your set such as weather proofing. We will replace anything that is defective or missing from your set.


    Gorilla playsets are built with choice grade, quality lumber to keep your playset healthy and safe for many years!

    All lumber is hand-selected for its strength and durability.


    Your child's safety is important to us, that's why Gorilla Playsets is the industry leader when it comes to safety and innovation!

    Features such as safety coated swing chains, commercial grade hardware, wide and flat ladder steps, self-reinforced slides, and 4x6 swing beams have made our swing sets some of the safest available.


    • Select a site in your yard that is level and free of rocks, stumps, tall grass, trees, and other protrusions.
    • Select a site that has good drainage and does not collect water. Swing sets installed in areas of poor drainage will void product warranty.
    • ASTM Guidelines recommend a 6 foot safety zone around your entire play set. Add this safety zone to the dimensions shown for the Gorilla Play Set model you are purchasing. Also make sure that there are not any overhead protrusions such as tree branches. Refer to the height of respective play set on our website.